About Us

It's time to stand firm, and hold our ground.

Our Passion

As we sat by and watched what was happening to the greatest country on the planet, we decided enough was enough! Freedom Shirt Co. was founded out of frustration. Frustration that stemmed from people like us who were sitting by on the sidelines while our soldiers were fighting for a country that they would soon not recognize.

Patriot Strong

We would see many people posting their disgust for liberal ideology on various social media platforms. And while posting and tweeting is a small form of action, we decided that we needed to assist fellow patriots with another outlet. Wearing the truth is a great way to spread the message that we aren’t going to lay down quietly! WE ARE PATRIOT STRONG!

Meet The Team

Mitch and Krista are husband and wife and life long Patriots.

Our Happy Customers

We have happy customers all over the world. They make life better with us.

The quality is amazing! The fit is perfect! And what patriot doesn't want a shirt like this!
There are a lot of other shirt companies out there, but these guys get it!

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Post a picture of yourself wearing our Tees and tag us! We might even give out free prizes from time to time!